Corporate Wellness

Wellness that WORKS

Studies of Best Places to Work indicate that companies offering fitness incentives rank highly among workers. A healthy workforce is more productive. A healthy workforce costs less in terms of benefit premiums and sick time.  Not only that, Boot camp classes are fun, and will build camaraderie.

The bad part…

Anyone who has ever tried to encourage their co-workers to exercise more has probably stated out very enthusiastically, only to find peer enthusiasm not quite as high. It can be next to impossible to get other people engaged.  So employers decide what’s needed is an incentive.  Usually it’s gift cards or something financial.  This may or may not work for a while so the employers are then advised that the financial incentives must be higher.  They are advised to embark on outcome based programs, where employees can get cheaper medical premiums if they attain certain blood pressure or cholesterol readings.  Or there are activity based programs which reward people based on what they do.  But if your employees are not fit enough to qualify, then you have to provide reasonable alternatives.  To make it even harder, you as an employer really shouldn’t have access to health indicators that are discriminatory (so pretty much anything) so you need to get a vendor to hold your data.  Some of these vendors offer ‘programs’ that basically require people to log into a health screen questionnaire asking if they went to the doctor or smoke.  So at the end of the day, you’ve created a bunch of rules around your benefits contributions and very little excitement or engagement around just getting more active.  Usually at this point, the wellness coordinator gets assigned a more urgent priority and the whole thing stagnates on the back burner.  

The good part

Limitless HR Solutions and our partner company Limitless Fitness take the pain out of wellness programs!  We have combined the best in theory and practices of motivation, goal setting, employee engagement AND top of the line functional fitness training and nutrition.  

What this means for you!

We will customize a fitness challenge or activity based wellness program that will engage your workforce and get results.  We got back to the basics in the form of companywide fitness challenges, but the difference is that we will take the burden of tracking and communicating from you.  We will set up the challenges, work with team captains and help participants set goals that will really make a difference.   We can be as hands on as your need and budget require; whether you want some help getting something going, or if you want to outsource the entire endeavor to us; we’ve got this.  

What Else?

If a fitness challenge is not for you, we can also provide seminars and nutritional plans to educate your workforce

Bootcamp at Work and Virtual Training

For clients in the Lynnwood/Bothell/Everett area, we will come to your facility (providing appropriate space exists) OR coordinate to a park or facility within 5 miles of your worksite
Choose from traditional iso-plyometrics (military bootcamp style) or circuit training style

For clients outside of the geography, we will provide customized workouts and/or meal plans for your employees to follow that will get them results.  We will also motivate and encourage your employees to achieve their goals. 

Changing Lives!

The reality is, seriously working on changing one’s health and fitness starts with a personal admission that there is need for improvement. This will not happen if there is fear of judgment.  There needs to be a culture of  acceptance over where people are currently at, and a sincere desire to help them get better for their own sakes.  This is what makes Limitless Fitness so successful.  Even though the workouts are tough by any standards, there is no judgment on the clients walking in the door who have never heard of a ‘burpee’ and couldn’t even run to the bathroom, let alone a mile.  But there is an assumption that the client can improve and will feel better when they do.  That encouragement and belief can and does change lives.  That is the spirit to bring into your wellness program that can really make it catch fire.  Not to mention impact your premiums in the long run. 

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