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You started your business because you had a vision of how it could be. That vision may have included your lifestyle, the environment you provided your employees, or the quality of the product or service you provide. If you’re like many business owners, you may now be looking around your company asking yourself ‘what happened?’

  • You may be experiencing even less freedom now because you feel like you need to be there all the time to keep things going.
  • You might be noticing that the employees you selected with so much care don’t seem to be enjoying their jobs as much as you’d hoped.
  • You may be deeply concerned about the level of leadership you are seeing from your managers.
  • Perhaps you’ve become aware of how vulnerable you are to fines or penalties due to a lack of in depth understanding of HR laws.
  •  Is the productivity much lower than it should be, or the wasted time and materials much higher?

You might even be wondering when this stopped being fun and if it ever will be again!  This list goes on and on but for business owners it boils down to the same thing – why don’t my employees love my business as much as I do and why can’t I make the reality as great as my vision?


Now imagine a different scene…

  • Your managers are inspiring leaders and your employees are engaged and willingly contribute creative ideas to make things better.
  • You know your business practices are compliant with current HR law and you are confident in your ability to answer questions or even respond to audits.
  • You are measuring the right things and experiencing record breaking profitability.
  • It’s a joy for you to come in to work and create products or systems that delight your customers, and you have the freedom to invest your time in other important areas in your life besides your business. 

This is why you started your business and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you want that peace of mind and joy as a business owner, call Limitless HR Solutions for a complimentary evaluation and let’s create the business you’ve always wanted to own.



HR Set up and Advising

Growing businesses don’t need a high power HR Director on staff – but they do need access to one! With decades of experience building and managing HR departments in a variety of industries, our HR experts can work with your existing team to ensure you are compliant, to hire for HR, to train and to fill in when needed.



We work nationwide to find the best candidates for your business. Our unique, ‘outsourced inhouse’ model allows you access to recruiters when you need it without paying prohibitive fees.

Management and Leadership Development

Our flexible customized management development service is perfect for small and medium-size businesses. You benefit from years of research into effective leadership and management practices with training targeted to your business and your managers!