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HR Setup and Consultation

Growing organizations don’t usually need a full time HR Director, but it sure helps to have access to one!  We position you for success by reviewing your policies and procedures, providing compliance guidance and setting up your HR department so that you can function profitably without worrying about fines and violations.  We will develop onboarding, termination and other processes and then help train or recruit a Generalist or administrative professional to maintain those processes.  Best of all, you’ll have access to us us in the event of an out-of-the ordinary situation.  We can help recruit, select, and train your next HR Manager so that you will experience all the benefits from the position as soon as possible. And in the event you experience a short or longer-term vacancy, we can provide temporary HR assistance (onsite or virtual) to keep everything running smoothly 

Compliance Services

HR law is a confusing minefield where unfortunately, ‘common sense’ is not necessarily legally compliant!  To make it even more challenging, your requirements as a business owner change as your employee base grows.  This is the area where what you don’t know can definitely hurt your business.   Unless you have a specific question, we typically start out with an employee handbook review.  If you don’t have an employee handbook, that is where we’ll start.  We can ensure you have documented policies in accordance with state and federal law.  This can also reveal any potential gaps in your policies.  Other typical areas of non-compliance are records and retention, postings, wage and hour classifications, overtime, meals, breaks and leaves of absence.  Depending on what you’ve done so far we can start with an audit of existing processes or jump right in with creating policies and systems for you.  Here is a basic menu of services

Compliance Basics
•    Review and evaluate your employee handbook
•    Create employee handbook
•    Conduct full scale HR audit
•    Set-up back office, required postings, files and records
•    Review job descriptions and wage and hour classifications
•    Review your Benefits Administration Processes

We can also help you navigate the confusing landscape of Benefits, Benefits Compliance, Payroll and Safety and work with you to select the best provider for your needs.

HR Hotline

This is a great option if you are experiencing a growing volume of HR related questions or you have a new or junior person in the HR role for your company.  Although you may have an insurance broker for workers comp or health benefits, there are other HR concerns that arise periodically or even consistently.  Having Limitless HR Solutions on retainer can ease your mind and save you money.  We will take calls regarding disciplinary issues, employee relations, policy questions, and just about anything that comes up from an HR perspective.  For a fraction of the cost of a full time HR Director, you and your organization will have constant accessibility to one as well as a monthly usage report.


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