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Are any of these concerns keeping you up night?

  • As a business owner or senior manager, you are experiencing even less freedom now because you feel like you need to be there all the time to keep things going.
  • My managers can’t seem to maintain the level of performance and morale we had when we were smaller.
  • Employees are starting to complain that they’re not being paid enough, or not being trained well enough.
  • It’s really difficult for my managers to quantify our team and individual performance.

You might even be wondering when this stopped being fun and became such a headache, and is it too late to scale back to when things seemed to be working so much better? (Is this even worth it?)


  • Your managers are inspiring leaders and your employees are engaged and willingly contribute creative ideas to make things better.
  • You are measuring the right things and experiencing record breaking profitability.
  • It’s a joy for you to come in to work and create products or systems that delight your customers, and you have the freedom to invest your time in other important areas in your life besides your business.

This is why you started your business and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you want that peace of mind and joy as a business owner, call Today’s Leadership Solutions for a complimentary evaluation and let’s create the business you’ve always wanted to own.

Areas of Specialty

Take your company to the next level in maximizing the effectiveness of your people and the profitability of your company.  We will help you analyze work flow processes, efficiency and constraints to achieve record-breaking productivity gains in sales, production and support centers.

Learn how to position your company for unprecedented growth and profitability using a time-tested system of scientific interventions that will allow you to identify the key behaviors required to meet and exceed your organizational goals. The result is sustained growth, employee engagement, and drastically improved morale and employee retention.

Organizational Behavior Management

Our flexible customized management development service is perfect for small and medium-size businesses. You benefit from years of research into effective leadership and management practices with training targeted to your business and your managers! We are experts in developing captivating workshops for your teams in addition to one-on-one coaching for leaders and high potential employees to catapult them to the next level of effectiveness.

Management & Leadership Development

Limitless HR Solutions

While growing businesses do not necessarily need a full time Director-level HR person on staff – it helps to have access to one! We can set up your HR department, help you hire or train your Generalist or Administrator and be on call for tricky situations. We can also help in a pinch if you need extra support during vacation or time off.

Our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s current and future workforce needs. We create innovative programs that are designed to streamline the hiring process and improve overall cost efficiency.


We know there are times when the economy dictates reducing your staff. We will partner with you to help soften the blow for your employees, by providing resume writing services, interviewing and job search help and career coaching.

Outplacement Coaching