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Because getting the right people is not an option…

Every business knows that success depends on getting the right people into the right seats at the right time, and when you’re a small and/or growing business, this can make or break you. We have several models to assist you with growing your team in a flexible and cost effective manner so contact us for more information.


Boutique recruiting

If you have less than 10 positions you are recruiting for, our boutique recruiting is an excellent option. We charge a moderate hourly rate for our time in addition to a modest placement fee. The result is like having an outsourced, in-house recruiter – and your costs will be a fraction of a contingency-based search firm. 

Recruiting Process Outsourcing. 

Our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s current and future workforce needs. We create innovative programs designed to streamline the hiring process and improve overall cost efficiency. Our core competencies of sourcing, evaluating, and presenting for hire are the foundation of each client’s customized solution. The result is a better quality employee hired faster and at a lower cost. To best serve our clients, we partner with Source2 for high volume recruiting, strategic sourcing and staffing needs.