Our leadership solutions

We equip managers and leaders to overcome common tactical, strategic, and personal development challenges so they can excel and thrive in their roles

Our management and leadership training solutions will give you confidence that you have legally compliant management processes that increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and drive profitability. You won’t find any other management training that covers the relevant on-the-job information newer managers need, leadership development specific to your culture to create bench strength and groom leaders, and behavior-based performance management techniques proven to increase revenue and profitability by up to 25%. Three core management courses provide the skills new and seasoned managers need to grow great companies and great company cultures. We draw on more than two decades of experience in executive leadership, human resources management and organizational behavior management to provide real life situations, role play scenarios, and true case studies so that this training is useful, relevant, and highly valuable.

And by popular demand, we have created a comprehensive personal development course for leaders. This course is perfect for people who don’t feel they are thriving in their leadership role, are uncomfortable in what they perceive as a ‘spotlight’, or struggled with perfectionism in themselves or in their management teams. If you’re in a leadership role, but wish you were more fulfilled or enthusiastic about the challenges, this can help you break performance barriers.

We provide a variety of flexible, cost-effective training and development solutions  and all of our training options can be customized, and are offered onsite and virtually. Ask us about a la carte options.

  • On-site training and facilitation
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Virtual workshops
  • Webinars
  • Training Conferences
  • Shared training
  • One-on-one and group coaching

Areas of Specialty

Take your company to the next level in maximizing the effectiveness of your people and the profitability of your company.  Our solutions can be tailored to meet each client’s current and future workforce needs. We create innovative programs that are designed to streamline the hiring process and improve overall cost efficiency.

Tactical management and labor law compliance

Managers don’t need to become HR experts, but they do need to know the landscape, and know when to task for help. This course consists of six modules, and is designed to provide hands-on guidance in topics such as legal and effective interviewing, performance problems, terminations and more.  The goal of this course is to become unSUEable! This is a must for new managers, or anyone who needs a refresher on basic employment law and management best practices. Click here for the full description of this course.

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Management and leadership development

Employees quit managers, so become unQUITable! Our Leadership Development curriculum consists of seven modules, from leadership style, to delegation, to developing an effective recruiting and hiring plan. This course offers strategic and tactical guidance, with lots of opportunity for application and some valuable bonus material, checklists, and cheat sheets. If you want to dial up your leadership prowess, or if you will be managing new managers, this value-packed course is for you. Click here for the full description of this course.

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Performance management for managers

Learn how to position your company for unprecedented growth and profitability using a time-tested system of scientific interventions that will allow you to identify the key behaviors required to meet and exceed your organizational goals. The result is sustained growth, employee engagement, and drastically improved morale and employee retention. This is an intensive seven-part course utilizing proven concepts from applied behavioral science and is designed to make you unSTOPable!  This course is most suited for managers who are empowered to implement significant interventions and performance metrics in their organizations. Click here for the full description of this course.

Performance Management

Personal development for leaders

Sometimes the greatest barrier a manager faces is themselves! We draw on the latest research in positive and cognitive psychology, mindset, communication, and visualization to help you break performance barriers. This course is ideal for people who struggle with leadership, who need to work on their interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, or who are experiencing a lack of fulfillment in their leadership experience. Become UNLIMITED. Click here for more details about this course.

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