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Find great people who fit into your company culture.

Promote from within without mutinies.

Blow away your revenue and profitability goals.

Stay on top of the “HR” legalities.


Fast and Effective Solutions

Done for you and done with you:

Supervisor, Manager, Senior Leader Training & Development

Recruiting and Compensation Strategy

Employee Relations 

Dealing with People Problems


Sustainable Results

We work with start-ups, consultants, entrepreneurs and small to medium-size businesses.

Ongoing training and development opportunities

Ongoing tactical support and guidance.

“Emergency” service


Management Training

Everything you need when you promote from within

We provide training and coaching so that you have managers who are running profitable departments…as if it were their own company, and employees who are fanatically loyal. Our program     fills in all the gaps so that you get all the benefits from promoting within, without the risks, or the headaches.

Performance Management

Science-based performance management

Our behavior-based performance management system has produced lasting, double-digit increases in revenue and profitability in countless industries.  Learn this scientifically proven method of behavioral change that will produce the results you want – and sustain them!

Recruiting Strategy

Bringing the right people on board

We teach you how to market your company so that the right employees – and only the right employees – are attracted to you.

Leadership Development

Empowering Servant Leaders

Put senior leaders back in touch with their purpose and calling and help them create a transformational company through the principles of servant leadership.

Flexible soutions

Solutions for every business

Our solutions help grow any size business, whether you’re in startup, growth, or expansion mode. We can custom tailor the most effective delivery method for your team.

On Site Training

We work onsite with your teams.

Workshops and Seminars

Check for workshops near you

Online training

Virtual interactive training or webinars

Mastermind groups

Experience the power of a cohort group for maximium growth

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