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We train managers and leaders so that growing organizations can maintain their cultures, keep their great employees happy, provide career opportunities, and maximize their profitability. Managers are the first line of defense against fines and penalties, they are the ambassadors of the company to the employees, directly affecting engagement and turnover, and it’s managers who significantly impact revenue and profitability. And yet there is very little training available to equip them for success. This results in high levels of stress for the managers and the business owners in addition to unwanted turnover, reduced profitability and a lack of joy and fulfillment.

 It doesn’t have to be that way!

We empower managers to learn skills and apply techniques so that your vulnerability to fines and penalties are minimized, you increase morale and engagement and reduce unnecessary turnover, and you optimize revenue and profitability. In addition, our personal development training teaches managers to overcome limited thinking in themselves and their team to break performance barriers and experience maximum fulfillment and success in their roles.

We provide the owners and managers of growing businesses peace of mind by providing training and guidance in four key areas. Not sure what training is best for you? We also offer a suite of diagnostic tools and assessments so you can confidently identify your training needs.


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Leadership articles

From the case files of the Reluctant Manager: Investigating ‘Handsy’ (my first assignment)

I think most of us expect life to progress along a pre-planned track: Graduate, go to college, graduate college, get a starter job, get promoted, personal stuff, get promoted some more, etc. At least that was what I expected. Of course, we all eventually realize that it’s NEVER like that but not without spending a few years (or decades) wondering if we were doing something horribly wrong because our experience was so different from the plan.

Do you have what it takes to be a great manager? How do you know?

When I first started managing people I was terrified! I had never had people report to me before, I was a woman in a male dominated industry (construction) and to top it all off, I was (and am) a confirmed introvert!  Every day going to work there was a war waging inside of me. On one hand, I was sure I was going to crash and burn, but on the other hand, I knew that if I let my fears get the best of me, I’d never get to where I wanted to be in my career.  I think it was my pride, ego, and perfectionism that kept me in the race more than anything else at that time.

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