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You lead like a girl! Do this today to instantly improve your professional credibility

I figured out what I had to do to give my professional credibility a facelift, and I’ve never looked back. From those fumbling, awkward beginnings, I’ve led teams, departments, and company initiatives, and eventually started my own consulting business. I figured out what it takes to establish and maintain professional credibility, and I’m going to share it with you.

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You lead like a girl! My formula for hosting engaging and productive meetings that employees actually want to attend

Holding effective meetings is a challenge for professionals of every type, male and female. Today I’m going to share some of the things I learned to do that changed my meetings to something my team genuinely looked forward to, and that made a difference in not only my team’s but also my company’s performance.

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You lead like a girl! The truth about women leaders that no one wants to tell you

For quite a while, I bought into the fact that in order to be successful in business, a woman simply had to do the job as well, or better, than a man the same way a man does. I didn’t know any different because there were no female role models for me.

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