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About Us

You started your business because you don’t want to be like everyone else. Maybe you’ve escaped death by boredom, or maybe you just like to do things better, but we’re assuming you know your stuff when it comes to your product. 


And, if you’re like most business owners, there are some things that you’re facing that are slowing you down, and making you not love your business as much as you’d like to. Things like:


  • Not being able to attract the right candidates in a timely manner
  • Wanting to promote from within, but not feeling 100% confident that your managers are ready for the ‘people’ part of the job.
  • Sometimes feeling you’re solving the same problems over and over again and that you would be more profitable if they’d stay solved.
  • Senior leaders starting to feel burned out, jaded and disconnected from their life’s purpose.

Solving these problems is what we do! We will transform your business to one that is optimistic, successful, and capable of handling all the challenges.


Still chaotic? Probably, but you didn’t start your business because you wanted boring.

Organizational Development

We know how to build processes and structures to support growth while remaining nimble. We work with you to make sure you have all the right systems in place to hire, retain, and manage the very best.

Performance management

Your business will be successful if the right people are doing enough of the right behaviors at the right time. We are experts at helping you define and measure the things that will make your business succeed. This concept will revolutionize the way your managers manage and lead.

Leadership Programs

For most business owners, it’s about more than just profit. You want to love your jobs, and you want your employees to love their job. Our leadership coaching programs keep you growing and excited about your company and your life.

Proven Success of Performance management

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our performance management program has been implemented in countless organizations in every conceivable industry and has yet to fail to produce substantial gains when implemented correctly, in its entirety.


Revenue Increase


Profitabiilty Increase

Carrie Maldonado

CEO & Principal Consultant

Carrie founded Today’s Leadership Solutions in response to a need for flexible, scaleable management and leadership solutions for growing businesses.  After earning a degree in psychology, Carrie was mentored in behavior-based performance management systems by one of the pioneers in applied behavioral science. In addition, Carrie has spent years researching and developing management, leadership, and personal development curriculum that produces maximized growth and effectiveness. Carrie’s certifications include Senior Professional in Human Resources, SHRM-SCP and Executive Coach.

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Located in the Inland Northwest, serving companies nationwide and in Canada



Our Mission

We provide systems, training, and accountability in the areas where growing businesses need it the most, with flexible, scalable solutions.

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Call us at 425.686.5484 or email us at info@todaysleadershipsolutions.com