Outsourcing has become a bit of a panacea for businesses and in some cases it has gotten a bad rap.  We all have stories of trying to resolve a seemingly simple problem and spending hours on the  phone with someone who doesn’t speak our language who has been employed specifically because they don’t charge as much as an ‘in-country’ resource would cost.  It’s a classic dilemma:  Employers facing rising costs through wages and health care and increased global competition must find ways to retain customers and still make a profit.  At Limitless HR Solutions, we believe that you can make intelligent outsourcing decisions while still remaining true to your corporate culture and values.  We provide a bridge between your company’s core strengths and the often confusing world of legal compliance.  Unlike huge consulting firms, we don’t offer a cookie cutter solution and expect you to fit into it.  We are small and flexible enough that we can provide just the right amount of support, usually with your existing team, to give you peace of mind that the back office is being handled correctly and you can invest in your top talent doing what you do best.  We will work with you one on one to solve any “Human Resources” problem you have – whether it’s wage and hour classification, new managers, interview training or Independent Contractor issues.   Limitless HR Solutions is the perfect solution for your small business!

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